Here I will write something about myself..

IT Experience for about 13 years at some Dutch Enterprises.

Focused mainly on Microsoft Server and additional products like SCOM, SCCM.
Moved my focus to Citrix Environment and had a few years as Citrix Farm Administrator experience for some customers.

After switching jobs I started to focus again on the Microsoft Server 2003/2008 environment and got closer with VMware ESX. After using it a lot as a user, I now managed to be the administrator of this enterprise environment.

Since Windows 2008 and using VMware a lot more, I teached myself (thanks to the internet and communities) Powershell/PowerCLI.

I have done a lot of different internal projects which made me learn a lot of things, I try to post some of the experiences on this blog post. I’m pretty curious from myself and want to get to the bottom and search for solutions.

Nowadays I’m working on a awesome project which integrates Puppet,ServiceNow,Gitlab,XLDeploy and much much more 🙂

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