HP Power settings to maximize perfomance

Below are some BIOS settings we set on our ESXi hosts, but also on other HP DL series servers. Everything is used for maximum performance, we don’t look for powersaving features. Or processor C-states which scale up/down the frequencies, this mostly has a negative impact on hard working machines.

HP Power settings to maximize perfomance

Setting Value Description
Intel Turbo Boost Technology Enabled Allows processors to make a transition to a frequency that is higher than its rated speed
Thermal Configuration Optimal/Increased Cooling Use the one that provides the desired performance for the lowest power consumption
HP Power Profile Maximum Performance Disables all power management options that may negatively affect performance
HP Power Regulator HP Static High Performance Keeps processors in their maximum power/performance state
Intel QPI Link Power Management Disabled Precludes placing unutilized QPI links into low power state

Minimum Processor Idle Power Core State

No C-States

Precludes processor transitions into low power core C-States
Minimum Processor Idle Power Package State No Package State

Precludes processor transitions into low power package C-States

Energy/Performance Bias

Maximum Performance

Configures processor subsystems for high performance/low latency
Collaborative Power Control Disabled Precludes the OS from changing clock frequency
DIMM Voltage Preference Optimized for Performance Runs DIMMs at a higher voltage if it increases performance

Dynamic Power Capping Functionality

Disabled This option allows for disabling System ROM Power Calibration during the boot process
Doing so accelerates boot times but precludes enabling of a Dynamic Power Cap

Memory Power Savings Mode

Maximum Performance

This option configures several memory parameters to optimize the memory subsystems performance and is configured to Balanced by default

These are quite the main features to disable.






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