Remove folder entry eventviewer

Remove folder entry eventviewer.Official(Clean)For example we use Patchlink1. Go into Services and locate the EventLog service. Right Click the service, select Properties and Disable it under the Startup type.2. Navigate your way to the registry and find the offending Event Log under: Hkey_Local_MachineSystemCurrentControlSetServicesEventlogPatchlink. Right click the registry key and remove it.

3. Restart Windows.

4. When the operating system is back up, browse to System32Config and remove the Patchlink.evt.

5. Go back into Services and change the Startup type back to Automatic and start it.

6. The Patchlink should now be removed from the Event Viewer.


You also can remove the registry entry without restarting the computer. In that case you will have the eventviewer entry removed . But the log file in System32Config will remain. This because eventviewer starts at computer boot and claims the .evt files so they cannot be removed without stopping the service who uses the files.

I also made a little powershell loop script which cleans all eventviewer entries in the text file

Foreach ($Server in gc "*:****server.txt")

Clear-EventLog patchlink -ComputerName $server
Write-Host "$Server Cleaned"
Write-Host "DONE" -ForegroundColor green

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