Disk Alignment

Disk Alignment

To do a disk alignment you can follow the steps below:

  • Check which disk you want to allign
  • Using diskmanager is the fastest option
  • “My Computer” – “Manage” – “Disk Management”
  • For example this is Disk 1
  • Go to “Start – run – CMD”
  • Type “Diskpart”
  • Type “List disk” to see the disks and sizes when “Size” is the same like the disk you saw in Diskmanager you are now ready to select it.
  • Type “Select Disk 1”
  • Disk 1 is now the selected disk
  • Now create the partition with the good allignment
  • Type “Create partition primary align=1024”
  • After this you will get a success message that the partition is created with the correct allignment.

For more explanation about this see:



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