Remote Desktop Connection Manager

I was browsing the web and found Remote Desktop Connection Manager. It should be a nice replacement and organizing tool for Remote Connections.
You can create groups, set your UID and password before connecting, see multiple screens live at a time.

You can download it at Microsoft’s website

After you installed it, you can move the folder to another PC/Server and use it standalone.

Servers are organized into named groups. You can connect or disconnect to all servers in a group with a single command. You can view all the servers in a group as a set of thumbnails, showing live action in each session. Servers can inherit their logon settings from the group. Thus, when you change your lab account password, you only need to change the password stored by RDCMan in one place. By default passwords are stored securely by encrypting with CryptProtectData using the (locally) logged on user’s authority. Servers can be moved between groups using drag-and-drop or via their properties page.

Non-Win7/Vista users will need to get version 6 of the Terminal Services Client. You can obtain this from the Microsoft Download Center: XP; Win2003

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