Get-View to speed up things using regex

I was playing around with the get-view cmdlet and found something I didn’t know yet.

On the site there is an example

Get-View -ViewType VirtualMachine -Filter @{"Name" = "VM"}

Cool, let’s test that. Hey , why do I get 2 items returned?
I searched for a VM called “Test” and there returned 2 VM’s which are started with “Test”.

I didn’t know that, in the description of the filter object you see:

Specifies a hash of <name>-<value> pairs, where <name> represents the property value to test, and <value> represents a regex pattern the property must match. If more than one pair is present, all the patterns must match.


So let’s throw some regex in then:

One way to tighten our patterns is to define a pattern that describes both the start and the end of the line using the special ^ (hat) and $ (dollar sign) metacharacters. Maybe not the best option but it works fine.

To do an exact match on “Test””we use : “^Test$

Now let’s start exact match on Test and do a reset of the VM:

(get-view -ViewType VirtualMachine -Filter @{"name"="^Test$"}).ResetVM()

Cool that works, I’m no regex expert, but the way mentioned above works, because the start..end of the line only exists of VM names.

It would be nicer to use a word boundary so you capture the word only and not the line.

So we can also use \bServername\b:

get-view -ViewType VirtualMachine -Filter @{"name"="\bTest\b"}

Both options work, but may come in handy for the future.

So what I learned, the filter object can be ‘regexed’ !

Logging Function v2.0

As I created an earlier post with a simple logging function in poweshell, a while ago I upgraded this with a specific Error, Success and info switch. This way I can put it with simple colors as output on screen to see if something goes wrong or good. And also logging will be better searchable.


$Logfile = "D:\LogFile.txt"

Function LogWrite{
<span style="font-size: 0.95em; line-height: 1.6em;">.SYNOPSIS This functions is used to generate a log file
</span><span style="font-size: 0.95em; line-height: 1.6em;">.DESCRIPTION Function creates output on screen depending on given switch and writes this with error code to the logfile
.PARAMETER $Logstring Location to the logfile
.PARAMETER $Error Switch to identify an error message
.PARAMETER $Success Switch to identify a success message
.PARAMETER $Info Switch to identify an info message
.EXAMPLE PS C:\&gt; Logwrite -error "This is an error"
</span> .INPUTS


try {
if ($Error){
$logstring = (Get-Date).ToString() + " ERROR: " + $logstring
Write-Host -ForegroundColor red $logstring
elseif ($Success){
$logstring = (Get-Date).ToString() + " SUCCESS: " + $logstring
Write-Host -ForegroundColor green $logstring
elseif ($Info){
$logstring = (Get-Date).ToString() + " INFO: " + $logstring
Write-Host $logstring
else {
$logstring = (Get-Date).ToString() + " INFO: " + $logstring
Write-Host $logstring
Add-content $Logfile -value $logstring
catch {


logwrite -success "Success creating user: $user"
logwrite -error "Error creating user $user"
logwrite -info"Success quering user: $user"