Warning: Failed to connect to the agentx master agent (hpilo:)

Warning: Failed to connect to the agentx master agent (hpilo:)


While doing by adminstrative tasks, I was wandering through the syslogs and I noticed a system returning the message below every few minutes.

hpHelper[14674]: Warning: Failed to connect to the agentx master agent (hpilo:)

Mmmz let’s try to reboot the system, this was no solution. I checked the settings of the ILO board of this system with a similar system (both HP DL380 Gen8) and saw some differences. One system without the problems was set to “agentless management” the other had some SNMP settings. I removed the SNMP settings and put it to agentless like the host without problems.

After that I restarted all the services to make sure it would reset the connection. To bad it didn’t work either.


With a little search I found this site.
This triggered me..might not be the problem on ESX side, but maybe on ILO side. So I resetted the ILO board and so the connection reinitialized. The AgentX messages disappeared and the problem seems to be solved.


Slow mouse performance Windows Server 2012 VM

Slow mouse ? Windows Server 2012 RDP ?

Recently we deployed some Windows 2012 server VM’s. Somehow I noticed that in the console but also RDP the mouse lags and is slow. Apparently I’m some one who notices this pretty quick, after a quick check I saw VMware tools where installed properly, correct drivers are loaded so this shouldn’t cause the problem.

After a little google search I found a blog with a simple solution we probably forgot while deploying the 2012 machines. It was just the little mouse pointer shadow :S

How do I turn this off ?

Go to the “control panel” and open “System”

Open “Advanced system settings and then click the “Settings” button at the performance field. In the tab “Visual effects” you see an option “Show shadows under mouse pointer”. After disabling this, the performance of the mouse was back to normal again.

I also decided to set the settings to “Adjust for best performance” because this will decrease any other almost not noticable lag 🙂