Performace Analysis of Logs (PAL)

With my previous post about PolyMonRT I also would like to share PAL with you.

PAL is a  performance analyzer which analyzes your perfmon tracing with the Best Practice Treshholds from Microsoft for most of their products.

With the help of a easy GUI you can simply select your performance log and start the analyzing.
When the analyzing finished it’s reported in a nice colored HTML view which shows your warning and critical points you could review to let your machine perform better 🙂

Required Products (free and public):
– PowerShell v2.0 or greater.
– Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1
– Microsoft Chart Controls for Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5



I have been working on some perfmon counter knowledge and came across something I would like to share. If you know what kind of things to measure you can visualize this with PolyMonRT or PolyMon. Yes there are some other products available which look better, but this one is free.

It’s highly customizable so you can get out whatever you want.


Nslookup range of IP adressess

I was searching for all machines in a certain IP address range to see which machines are in this range and what their host address is.

While trying to create a good working script for the purpose I needed, I came accross the following line which had like all I needed without using nslookup.

0..255 | % { [System.Net.Dns]::GetHostByAddress("192.168.1.$_") } 2> Out-Null

The range is for this script is  -> with the 2>out-null only valid returns are replied in a nice list.