OpenElec 5.08 keeps displaying one subtitle

Since I updated OpenElec Kodi to version 5.08 I suddenly encountered issues with Subtitles. Somehow 1 specific subtitle keeps appearing on different TV shows while the correct ones are downloaded through the plugin.

Let me explain, I was watching “Serie1 S01E019” and downloaded the subtitles, this worked correct and finished watching. After that I started watching another serie. Let’s say “Serie2 S02E03”, I hit the subtitle download button, got search results and downloaded the subtitle. While playing the serie I noticed the subtitle was from “Serie1 S01E019″…Strang, I started another random serie “Serie3 S01E01”
search, downloaded the subtitles, bah subtitle “Serie1 S01E019” comes up again.
After a Google search which gave relatively too few hits I came across this forum post:

Problem should be something with a temp directory and the solution was to update Subscene Subtitle Service to version 1.1.2 which can be downloaded here :
Or direct download :

According to the change log there should be something fixed with the temp folder

- bug fix for temp folder issues

XBMC How to add a new button to the Menu

How to add a new button to the Menu

Let’s say you want a button on the menu linking to your kids movies. the fist thing you need to do as add the folder containg the kids movies as a source in XBMC. This can be done by going to Videos > Files > Add videos

Alternatively, configure the sources.xml in your userdata folder as follows:

<default pathversion="1"></default>
<path pathversion="1">smb://XBMC/Movies/Kids-Movies/</path>

Adding a button is pretty easy, you can just use the code of one of the other buttons as a template.

<item id="19">
<label>Kids Movies</label>

The only thing you need to take care of, is to use an unique ‘id’ for the button. In the code above, i’ve chosen to use id=”19″ as it’s not used elsewhere on the Home menu.

Now we have our code ready, we can simple insert it wherever we want in between the other menu buttons.